My love story with Porto began when I first visited this city. Since the first time I felt at home.

I don’t know if it is because of its buildings full of tiles and bright coloured windows, or the scent of the river and the sea nearby or maybe because of the sound of the seagulls flying by.

It may be the memories of my dear mom and grandmother in the gardens full of camelias, rhododendrons and magnolias.

Or… who knows, it may comes from the warmness and kindness of its people; or from the granite which has always been present in my life both in Extremadura and Brittany, my two homelands.

And I’m pretty sure that the great wines also have a lot to do with it!

No matter what it is, I am sure you will also find your own reasons to fall for this city and to feel at home in Porto at yourhomeinoporto.